Pacific Tax Partners, LLP, provides world-wide US income tax services. Whether you are an individual or you need professional advice for your business, Pacific Tax Partners specializes in solving your tax problems quickly!

If you are an individual, we will:

  • Prepare your US income tax return
  • Represent you before the IRS
  • Assist you with late filing to avoid or minimize penalties
  • Provide specialist service and advice for your investment activities, including real estate and "day trading"
  • Arrange your tax-efficient retirement and investment plans
  • Help you with urgent matters

If you represent a company or own a business, we will:

  • Prepare the US corporate income tax return for your company
  • Compile firm financial statements for Letter of Credit and Export financing
  • Organize the capital structure of your firm or start-up for best investor returns
  • Provide you a full transfer pricing study
  • Represent you before the IRS
  • Help you with urgent matters, including essential back office functions

For non-filers. If you:

  • Do not know if you need to file
  • Did not file your tax return since going abroad or your foreign assignment began
  • Received an IRS notice
  • Cannot renew your US Passport because of failure to file tax returns
  • Have Green Card or spouse issues

Act before the IRS identifies you to avoid expensive penalties and possible criminal charges.

Your tax consultation will be with an experienced CPA who can best understand your situation. A Licensed US CPA with current IRS practice privileges will sign your tax return. (Is your preparer a professional with an IRS "P" code?)

New tax rates are published

The IRS recently published changes to tax rates, following the American Taxpayer Relief Act passed by Congress in December 2012. With the introduction of new 39.6% tax bracket, and additional 3.8% Medicare surcharge for high income taxpayers, careful financial planning may be necesssary. Please take a look at this new information at our "Tax limits and amounts" section.

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