US corporate income tax return preparation:

We provide our service to help companies subject to file US income tax return in preparing and representing them before the IRS. Quick filing to monetize recovery credits is possible. Tax refunds may reduce finance requirements for working capital.

Also, we help companies with tax credit optimization, budgeting and business processes reengineering (BPR).

Please contact us for professional assistance specific to your company's unique situation.

Transfer pricing:

We have particular expertise in transfer pricing. Transfer pricing is the tax problem that most impacts businesses involved in international trade. A substantial amount of overseas transactions are subject to transfer pricing taxation. Is your internationalization strategy being negatively affected by high taxes?

Transfer pricing — the fair pricing of goods and services transferred across borders within a business organization — is a complex issue for the majority of small and medium-sized businesses. Pacific Tax Partners offers the comprehensive range of services covering virtually all the difficulties your company could experience when dealing with transfer pricing.

The major areas for transfer pricing we are focusing on in our practice are the following:

  • Cost analyses.
  • Complete pricing study when a transfer price is higher than an IRS industry average.
  • Joint product vs. by-product transfer pricing to determine the fair price for a by-product instead of treating it as a waste or joint product.
  • Evaluating whether tax credits or other export incentives should be included in the transfer price basis.
  • Excess capacity determination in transfer pricing to examine influence on cost bases.
  • Securing Advance Transfer Pricing Agreements (ATPA) to set a future transfer price with tax authorities given current production parameters to avoid audits, fines and penalties.
  • Transfer pricing life cycle management by identifying stages to evaluate mark-to-market treatment to optimize financial performance.
  • IP, trademark and licensing valuations to determine defensible transfer price.
  • Appropriate documentation and recordkeeping as part of a company's transfer pricing policy.
  • Account for "Gray Market" by determining the parallel imports interfering with current transfer prices.
  • Customs-transfer pricing inter-relationship evaluation to prevent prosecution in case of setting a transfer price too low to avoid duties or too high to gain tax deductions on duty payments.
  • Licensing to improve bottom-line performance.
  • Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust transfer pricing applications to prevent prosecution in case of setting unreasonably low transfer price in order to create an unfair competitive advantage.

Please contact us for professional assistance specific to your unique situation.